Pg 3: 55 Chevy T56 Tranny # 2

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An earlier page is available showing the disassembly of the T56 to install a Keisler Engineering shifter rod and parts to move the shifter forward.
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There's a lot more about this tranny, and adapting it to fit under a '55 Chevy with a bench seat, that will be added later.  The shifter was moved from the "standard" Camaro Z28 LT1 position forward to what was an inspection plate.  It required disassembly of the tranny to do this. Then I got this shift lever and "8 ball" knob and adapted them to this tranny, as a sort of "first test page" for me on this server with this software....

This '93 T56 tranny is the M28 version, rated at 350 ft-lbs,
and has the following gear ratios:
1st: 3.36; 2nd: 2.07; 3rd: 1.35; 4th: 1.00; 5th: 0.80; 6th: 0.62; rev: 3.28


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