58 Chevy Truck Exhaust 1

My '58 Chevy Truck was put into service in 1998 with Hooker Super Comp headers,
Dynomax UltraFlo 3" mufflers, cutouts for the track, and it has held up very well these last 17 years.

But the headers were not coated, just hi temp flat black paint, and they are now on
their last legs.  The Dynomax's were replaced once, as the center seam down the middle
of the body had split open on one, so replaced them some time ago.

They have now gotten quite a bit noisier, and I need to quiet them down around here,
as I often load up the truck with surfboards or my outrigger canoe and head out early
in the morning to hit the water.

My neighbors are not pleased when I wake them up at 6 am !!!

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