58 Chevy Truck Tilt Bed

When I was setting up the chassis for this truck, with the narrowed 9" back there,
we figured out that as low as this truck was gonna sit, we'd never get the tires on/off....

So we decided to put a tilt bed on it....
When the bed's empty, and before I put the rack on it, the lifting force at the front of the bed was 250 #
Two guys could get it up, then one guy could hold it while the other put the steel prop rod under the bed.
It was a dangerous setup though, if the guy holding the bed ever dropped it before the other guy
got the prop rod in place, it would be like a guillotine....


So I decided to work out a nitrogen strut arrangement.
The further you move back the higher the force becomes to lift the bed.
250 # will lift it right at the front, but further back, where I wanted to put it, the force measured out
at about 400 #. And I was going to angle it, and the more you angle them, the less vertical force
you will get out of the struts.

I decided on two 250 # struts, set at an angle to get a better fit, as well as to decrease the vertical
force when the system is collapsed and laying over at a flatter angle, and inversely putting out more
vertical force when the system is up and holding the bed up. The open force vertically works
out to about 425 #.

It took some messing around with the mounting points and angles to fine tune it,
but I finally got it right, and it works great!

I did this mod quite a few years ago, and had posted it online, but it got lost somewhere in
the bowels of the internet, never to be seen again....
So I just went out and took some new pix, it's all old and dirty under there,
this truck ain't no show queen, it gets driven hard and everywhere, and that bed carries it's
share of freight!!

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