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Need to get the clutch setup going
before doing any more wiring....

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My T56 has a hydraulic slave cylinder on it,
so I need to come up with a hydraulic master cylinder
to operate it...

The aftermarket ones I've looked at for the 55 Chevy
comes through the firewall down low where the mechanical
linkage used to come through, but the headers I'm using
interfere with that location, so I'm looking at alternatives...

Look at that hole down on the car's right of the steering column,
that's where the original mechanical linkage came through, I
used that hole when I built "Patches", my 55 blown rat rod gasser...

Unfortunately it's way too close to the header pipe
for the heavily angled hydraulic system I've seen that is
designed to come down through that hole, so I'm
going to design my own system...

I have this master cylinder on the shelf that has a 7/8" bore and
a max stroke of 1-5/8", so I have to engineer a system for that...

This is the slave cylinder that came out of my wrecked '93 Camaro
on the T56 tranny, it is a 1" bore and 1-5/8" max stroke...

Here's the original clutch pedal, held in front of the firewall....
as you can see it crosses over through the brake pedal pivot,
and the original linkage came down through that hole that
is now too close to the headers for a hydraulic setup....

So I'm going to engineer adding a lever on the left side of that setup
to actuate that master cylinder, I need to find out the stroke required
for the clutch, then I can locate the master cylinder and how much
pedal movement and master cylinder stroke by locating the MC
at the proper location. The square of the diameters of the cylinders
represents the volume of fluid moved, that gives me a ratio of
0.77 to 1.00 with the mc at 0.875" and the slave at 1.00"

What fun !!!

Here's a sketch of what I'm thinking...
design for a 1" movement at the slave
to operate the clutch, I hope that will be enough....

Extend the clutch pedal shaft on the left
and add a lever to give 2.7" effective swing
to activate the master cylinder with 1.3" movement...
The pedal has 5.5" of swing available at the floor
and is 11.5" long, the ratios are shown below....

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