58 truck brake pix2

September, 2021

Pulling the parts out to rebuild them

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Gotta jack it up and crawl under there....

The master cylinder is right next to the exhaust,
so I keep the exhaust wrapped with some high temp
protective wrap....

This master cylinder is the stock unit in the original location,
it activates the remote vacuum brake booster....

This is the remote mounted vacuum booster,
I've had good luck with this setup, except for some
heat issues at the master cylinder that I was
able to resolve with that insulating wrap on the exhaust.

Something failed on the vacuum line, and gasoline got into this
booster, causing it to fail, so now I have to trace that down and
resolve that issue...

Got a rebuild kit for the master cylinder, casting #21720

The booster was casting # 30000

These remote mounted vacuum brake boosters are apparently
hard to find these days, but parts to rebuild them are available.

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