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Still working on the wiring and computer controls

And still working on the fuel system....

I had originally set up the fuel system with
controlled fuel pressure on the inlet side, and
with a stock 46 psi fuel pressure regulator on the
fuel return line...

With this motor and efi system I will have more control
over the fuel with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator
on the return line, so I got this unit....

I've used these before with good results...

I can adjust the return line pressure with that small
allen screw in the center of the cover. 
And it has the vacuum connection if I choose to use it...

Got the MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
installed with four O-rings on the sensor probe,
that should seal it just fine....

Put in the check valve for the crankcase ventiliation system
with it's special rubber grommet, and the vacuum connection
for that....

And stuck the hose on it....

The only place on the block I can find for the
knock sensor was here down below the 5th
and 7th cylinders, I hope it's right....

I had to run a pipe thread tap in as the threads in the block
were pretty rusty, the sensor screwed in ok,
but it was a tight fit....

Update on my list of sensors needed for this
'93 LT1 speed-density efi system:

1. MAT
Manifold Air Temperature
This fits in the air ducting in front of the throttle body,
I found one, need to figure out where to put it.

2. ECT
Engine Coolant Temperature
I found one, now I need to figure
out where it goes....

3. IAC
Idle Air Control
This goes on the bottom of
of the throttle body, I found one,
it is installed.

4. TPS
Throttle Position Sensor
This goes on the throttle body,
on the end of the shaft,
I found one, it is installed.

5. MAP
Manifold Absolute Pressure
Bought a new one from Napa,
it needs a special seal that did not come with it,
but I found four o-rings that fit nicely,
it is installed

6. Knock Sensor
I found one
and mounted it in a threaded hole in the block,
down next to cylinders 5 and 7.

7. O2 (Oxygen) Sensor
I have one, need to weld a bung
on one of the header collectors for it.

Got the ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor installed in a port
on the left side head between cylinders 1 and 3.

Then hung the firewall pad on the inside under the dash...

Well, I just learned that this port is incorrect, it is for the dash temp gage sensor...
This sensor for the computer is supposed to go in the water pump...

No Problem !

Meanwhile, went hunting for a temp sensor for the dash gage...

Found one at my local Napa store...

Meanwhile, I learned that the knock sensor would perform better
down here at this location on the right side of the motor near the
oil pan, in front of the starter, so moved it here...

Ran the battery cables up to the firewall from the battery,
along the right side of the floor...

Now I have to decide if I want to put the cables through the firewall
here on the right side...
where I will have to run them across in front of the firewall to the starter and block....

Or run them across the front of the floor on the inside to the hump,
which put them very close to the starter and block on the other side....

These grommets require an 11/16" hole,
and these cable ends were too wide, so I narrowed them to fit the hole...

Then after cutting the cables to the correct length,
the cable ends were crimped and soldered on....

Holes were drilled next to the hump,
and the cables fitted in...

The grommets just wouldn't fit in the holes around the cables,
so some pieces of rubber hose were fitted in the holes
around the cables....

And the cables were clamped down...

It's a tight fit, but it should be good....

Some clamps back here where the cables come over the tubs...

Underneath the ground was bolted to an available
flange on the transmission, there's room for more
ground straps from here to the body and frame....

The plus cable was run forward over the starter
and solenoid and connected

Hooked up the cables at the battery,
crawled under with a screwdriver and jumped the starter solenoid,
the motor cranked over just fine !!

I haven't done anything about what dash gages I want to run,
still looking around, maybe go all digital ??

More Later...

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